Monday, 30 May 2011

How to Crochet a Butterfly Beanie

Tutorial on how to add a edging to your beanie that looks like a butterfly - rated as easy/intermediate project. 

This Butterfly beanie is great for winter and last minute gifts.


laura morgendorffer said...

Muy bonito... Felicitaciones!

DAFemme71 said...


I first saw your tutorial and loved this hat. Then I found it here,

She claims the pattern as her own. The main difference is how you do the middle part of the butterfly. I didn't see a reference to her blog so I was wondering who the pattern belongs to.

Just curious, thanks.

DAFemme71 said...

PS. Who ever the pattern belongs to... THANKS. I love this hat and have made 5 already as gifts. I'm about to start #6.

bobwilson123 said...

Hi DAFemme71, This is my own pattern that i just made up one day after seeing a photo in flicker. I know there alot that are basically the same. I think is a great pattern who ever originally wrote it :)

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