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Find all my Video's here - It is a WIP and Still need to add some links and photo's




Blankets, Afghans, Borders and Stitches

Ganny Square  

Bow Granny Square Crochet Tutorial
Flower Granny Square Crochet Tutorial - Flower can be made seperately

Not So Square Granny - Crochet Tutorial


Maggie Border - Great for any edging on a afghan

Easy Shell Stitch Border

Puff Stitch border - Looks great on a Afghan

Afghan granny and joining method

Friend ship afghan - Can be used for Afghans or a scarf and even a bag 

Grranny Ripple - Great for using up scraps

Shell and Double crochet afghan - Could also be used for a scarf

Granny Strip
Great for afghans or Scarves

Camel Stitch - Great for afghans, scarves and much more

Crochet Friendship Square Project 2011
The 2011 Crochet Friendship Project is a collaboration of several You Tube crochet teachers who are each designing and making a six-inch square and showing viewers how to make them.
Viewers can make and combine any or all of the square for different projects. I would love to see pictures and videos of what you made using these squares!
Here is a list of who published videos so far:
More will be added as they are uploaded.

Joining granny squares (2 videos)

Sewing Granny Squares Together


Slanted Shell Crochet Tutorial


Victorian Step Crochet Tutorial - From Scarf to King SIze Bed Afghan

How to crochet a Single Crochet Afghan/blanket

How to crochet a Double Crochet Afghan/blanket


How to Crochet a Earwarmer / Headband (button closure) preemie to adult size. The width is aslo adjustable

Leg warmers

Ribbed Headband / Belt / Scarf / Bag Handle Tutorial (2 videos)

How to Crochet a Preemie to Adult size Ribbed Headband - Easy

How to Crochet a headband with a elasticated band

Headband Crochet Tutorial

How to Crochet a Bun Cover

How to Crochet a 3 Strand Headband - Easy

3 strand headband with flower

Crochet Headband Tutorial

Easter Bunny Headband Crochet Tutorial

Credit Card Purse

Very simple but awesome fingerless gloves. They can be made in any lengh and width
Thanks to Melissa Spargo Hartsell for sharing here photo

Cozy Fingerless Gloves

Single Crochet Bracelet (2 videos)

half double crochet bracelet

Easy Chain Bracelet Crochet Tutorial

mini coin pouch

How to Crochet a Icord Tutorial

Crochet Beanie / Hat and Neck Warmer in 1 (3 videos)

Crochet Tea Pot Cozy/Warmer (2 videos)

Easy Coffee Cup Cozy Crochet Tutorial
Tea Light Candle Holder Crochet Video Tutorial

Crochet Soda Can/Coffee Cup Cozy Tutorial

Crochet Bag Bag Tutorial
a bag to hold all of your plastic grocery bags

Crochet Finger Puppet (4 videos)

Ninja Mask - Adult and Child - Crochet Tutorial
adult link:
child link:

crochet coat hanger (4 videos)

Crochet Slipper / Mary Jane Tutorial
THere are so many colour combo's and there are also different designs that are explained in the video

Crochet Crown and Tiara Tutorial

Spiderweb Crochet Tutorial - Easy Halloween Project

Crochet market string tote bag (3 videos)

Crochet OVW Tartan FBB Tutorial (3 videos) - EASY

Mini Tutorial - Bag Handles - Crocodile Stitch Bag

Granny Square Bag Crochet Tutorial - Joining the Granny Squares
Mesh Market Bag 2 Handles Crochet Tutorial
Market Bag 1 Strap Crochet Tutorial
Bella Ruffled Bag
Solid Granny Square Bottom Bag Crochet Tutorial
Ballerian or Princess Bag Tutorial

Cupcake Bag Crochet Tutorial

Crochet Hook Case Tutorial - Easy
Beanies / Hats

Crochet a Basic Beanie Tutorial - Half Double Crochet
Preemie to Adult Size

Hat/Beanie Crochet Tutorial - Almost Invisible seam - How to get a great fit every time


 Hoodeanie - hood / beanie

How to Crochet a Aviator Beanie Hat - Preemie to adult

How to add a Brim to a Beanie / Hat - Easy - Preemie to adult

How to Crochet a Basic Beanie - Preemie to Adult

Crochet a Basic Beanie Tutorial - Half Double Crochet - Preemie to Adult size

How to crochet a beanie with bear ears Preemie to adult

How to Crochet a Button band on you beanie - Easy

Hot to add a butterfly to your beanie

How to Crochet a Cupcake Beanie - Preemie to adult

How to crochet a double crochet and shell beanie

How to Custom fit a beanie

Hat Brim / Peak Crochet Tutorial

How to Crochet a Easter Bunny Beanie

How to Crochet a Elf Style Beanie

How to Crochet a Eyelet Beanie - Includes how to add a brim

How to Crochet a Hoodeanie

How to Rescue a Benaie that you have made too big

How to Crochet a Neckwarmer that turns into a Benaie

How to Crochet a Petal beanie

How to Crochet a Scoodie - A scarf cross a Hoodie -Easy project


How to Crochet a Strawberry/tomatoe Beanie

Crochet Dinosaur Beanie - Mini Tutorial

Crochet Granny Stitch Baby Beanie (4 videos)

How to Crochet a Owl beanie - Pattern Designed by Brooke Till (2 videos)

Crochet Baby Beanie with Puff stitch (3 videos)

Crochet a Basic Crown for a Beanie / hat Tutorial - Great for plain beanies or the base for designing your own
Written Pattern by

Crochet Catherine Wheel Beanie / Hat Tutorial

How to crochet a Tezzie hat

Cross Stitch Hat

Cast of Crew Crochet Cap

Wide Brim Hat Crochet Tutorial

Super Fun Fedora, Cowboy or Cowgirl Hat (3 videos)

Crochet Beanie - the do's and don'ts of getting it to fit

Ideas on How to Make a Beanie With a Turned Up Brim

Mohawk Beanie

How to Crochet a Puff Stitch Hat

Crochet a Top Hat

Turban Inspired Hat Crochet Tutorial

Moo Cow Crochet Hat Tutorial (2 videos)

Crochet Hat/Wig Tutorial

Frill Brimmed Crochet Hat Tutorial
Dimple Hat Crochet Tutorial
Cluster V Stitch Hat Tutorial

High Tea Crochet Hat Tutorial

Jacobs Ladder Hat - optional Brim / Peak Crochet Tutorial

Steeple Chase Hat Crochet Tutorial

Head Wrap Hat Crochet Tutorial
Bow - Licious Hat Crochet Tutorial
Mesh Hat Crochet Tutorial  
Brick Stitch Hat Crochet Tutorial
Flowers, Bows and Butterfly's
3D Layered Flower Crochet Tutorial by Daisy Jones Version 1

How to make a flower on  a loom

Easy Crochet Chrysanthemum Flower Tutorial 

How to Crochet a Easy Flower

How to Crochet a Rose

How to Crochet a flower

How to Crochet a Puff Stitch Flower

How to Crochet a Rosette Flower

dahila flower

Crochet Easy Flower Part 1 of 1

Crochet Layered Flower (3 videos)

crochet butterfly - easy (2 videos)

How to Crochet a Hair Bow / Bow Tie - Easy

How to Crochet a Bow - Quick and easy
written pattern link found in description box of video

Lela's Flower Crochet Granny - flower can be made seperate

Be My Valentine Heart Crochet Tutorial

Shawl, Cowl, Scarf and Poncho Video Tutorials

Find tutorial for this adorable  poncho. The poncho can be made in larger sizes
Thanks to Christine M Ross for sharing her photo

Crochet Shawl Tutorial (2 videos)

Crochet Solid Shawl -Easy - Version1 (Narrow version)

Crochet Solid Shawl - Easy - Version 2 (wider version)

Crocodile Stitch Shawl Crochet Tutorial - How to start

Crochet Shawl - Mini Tutorial
If you have made a basic granny square then you can make tis shawl :)

Crochet a Solid Poncho

Cowl Neck Poncho Crochet Tutorial
 Granny Square Jacket Crochet Tutorial
Pocho / Skirt Wave Tutorial

Crochet Braided Cowl

Crochet Scarf - Granny on the Straight - Variation 1

Crochet Scarf - Infinity - Granny on the Straight - Variation 2

Crochet Scarf - Mobius - Granny on the Straight - Variation 3

Cowl Crochet Tutorial - Granny on the Straight - Variation 4

Scarf with a Flower Tutorial - Easy

Scrap Crochet Scarf Video Tutorial

Easy Scarf Crochet Tutorial

Victorian Step Crochet Tutorial - From Scarf to King SIze Bed Afghan
Cross Stitch Cowl Crochet Tutorial
Knit Look Cowl Crochet Tutorial
Chain Scarf Crochet Tutorial - Long or Short - Easy Project
 Cross Stitch Scarf


Granny Square Jacket Crochet Tutorial

Mesh Summer Top Crochet Tutorial

Mesh Tank Top Crochet Tutorial
Triangle Granny Bare Foot Sandals

Easy Peasy Barefoot Sandals Crochet Tutorial

Bare Foot Sandals Crochet Tutorial - Semi Solid Triangle


Baby Crochet Tutorials

Cats one piece wonder is a fantasic pattern because it is made in ONE PIECE !!

Baby Bootie (Cats One Piece Wonder) (2 videos)

Diaper/Nappy Cover with legs (Cats One Piece Wonder)

Diaper/nappy cover - fits newborn

Baby Hammock

Find tutorial for this adorable baby poncho. The poncho can be made in larger sizes
Thanks to Mary Carver for sharing her photo

Baby Bootie with a sheepskin sole (2 videos

Crochet Baby Imagination Sweater V-Stitch Part (3 videos)

Imagination Sweater Filet Stitch (3 videos)

Crochet Around the Post Imagination Sweater Tutorial (5 videos)

Crochet Baby Imagination Sweater Shell Stitch

Baby Cocoon - great for newborns and photography props (2 videos)

Crochet Tutorial - Solid Ponco (2 videos)

This adorable bag /purse turns into a baby cradle /  crib - perfect for little girls

Baby Bonnet Crochet Tutorial

Crochet Baby Slipper Tutorial - Designed by Crochet Dreamz

Christmas Hats

Reindeer Hat Crochet Tutorial

Snowman Applique Crochet Tutorial Great for Hat's

Gingerbread Man Crochet Hat Tutorial

Crochet for the Holiday
Large Christmas Stocking Crochet Mini Tutorial

Mini Christmas Wreath Crochet Tutorial - Catsrockincrochet

Mini Christmas Stocking Crochet Tutorial

Larger Mini Christmas Stocking Crochet Tutorial

Spiderweb for Halloween

Witches Hat Crochet Tutorial - Halloween

Easy Pumpkin Crochet Tutorial - Follow along with written pattern

Crochet Pumpkin Garland

Mummy Crochet Hat - Great for Halloween!

Brain Beanie/Hat



Hideout said...

Amazing and inspirational collection you are sharing - thank you so much.

shyangel said...

u r great crocheter, thanks for your sharing best crochet...

The LadyBugs Garden said...

Ilove you tutorial. I crochet but I always am looking for a nice pattern on how to adjust sizes...

Alain said...

J'adore vos tutos! Ils sont faciles et originaux!

Alain said...

J'adore vos tutos! Ils sont faciles et originaux!

Alain said...

J'adore vos tutos! Ils sont faciles et originaux!

Pam Boleyn said...

Love love love your n my daughter watch n use your tutorals all the your accent to happy crocheting ;)

Pamboleyn said...

Its me again still watching your videos .love them in easy too follow.because im left funny I taught my daughter shed 18 n beautiful she watches u n others on utube.n is learning more than me.we crochet together she just got married in we have the best mother n daughter time together.crocheting.n watching your video.we love how u talk.are u on fb.i couldnt find u.look me up I have some of my work on there.happy crocheting one of

Anonymous said...

i love your videos and i have learned alot :):) i want to make a bolero and i dont know from where to start and what stitch to use and also the armpit opening seems hard too and how to attach the sleeves :):) I was hoping that you make a tutorial for a bolero ,, thanks alot ,,

wendy said...

hello, i'm from belgium and i love your videos!! my cross stitch beanie is almost done :) your are a good teacher.. thanks ... greetz from belgium ! ;p

Anonymous said...

love your video`s.....can you do a tutorial on cross bones and skulls....

Anonymous said...

Your tutorials are really good.I hate reading instructions,your video tutorials are a blessing. I wanted to crochet so badly and stumped on to yours helped me use my spare time constructively and fight a lot of anxiety and depression too. thanks.god bless you.

7slaper said...

Awesome tutorials and inspirational projects. Some a refreshment of long forgotten skills.
Besides that, I really like your calm voice; it's a pleasure to follow the tuts. :)
Keep up the good work!

Beaderjojo said...

I just wanted to say thank you for the great tutorials! I have tried several times over the years to crochet using books and internet instructions (written and with photos), and nothing seemed to help me, it was very frustrating. Well, I am happy to say that with the help of your tutorials I have just finished my very first crochet project (the quick and easy bow), your tutorial was easy to follow and I had the bow done in less than 15 minutes. Thank you so much!! I look forward to trying some of your other tutorials, I think the easy fingerless gloves is the one I'll try next. Thanks again!

Happy crocheting,

Joyce Barlow said...

Do you have any written instructions on how to join the granny squares together? I have made solid square granny squares and I am having difficulty attaching them.

Joyce Barlow

Sofia said...

I love all your tutorials! It´s so fun to see and try! I wonder about the website with sizes of childrens heads. I can´t find it anywere.
Du you know the address? :)
I knit a lot of baby caps (hats) and I really could use that website :)
/Sofia from Sweden.
My english is maybe not so good ;)

Sofia said...

I found it!!! Yeay! :)

Eve Gan said...

I love ur video, i learn alot fr it.

Joyce Barlow said...

I need your written insructions for making YOUR GRANNY SQUARES.If I understand, there are NO chain 1's except for the corners... (besides the c3 to start the next round. BTW. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS...

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