Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Owl Beanie with ear flaps with writtern pattern and Video tutorial

Owl Beanie Video Tutorial


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your tutorial, I was wondering if you know how to decrease it for an infant head? Is there a set beginning number of chains for different ages/sized heads?

Anonymous said...

~Dear Clare/Bobwilson123,

Hello there! I LOVE your Crochet tutorials on youtube and have really progressed in my crocheting ability's since watching your videos! I do not have and E-mail or a facebook, so did not know where or how to thank you, and then I saw that you had a Blog in one of your description boxes! And am glad to be able to thank you! I have made the owl beanie and am so pleased how it turned out that I almost do not want to give it away! :) I wanted to thank you also for helping me be able to read patterns as that was the problem I was having with My crochet! I knew the stitches I just did not understand the patterns! I have started crocheting amigurumi and My Brother is Hooked and wants me to crochet every video game character!:D I crocheted my first hat while watching your videos! and Have many more in the making! I made My first owl beanie brown and pink for a baby girl with sleepy owl eyes and a bow from one of your tutorials and am going to be making a brown and blue one for a baby boy! Sorry for my rambling as I seem to do so a lot :D but I just wanted to say thank you for everything! and I hope you will continue to make tutorials! it really is so sweet of you to do so!

you Friend and fellow crocheter.

Unknown said...

This pattern is fantastic - albeit that I am an experienced crocheter. Instead of grandchildren, I now have a flock of world wide owls - each hat
made to suit the nature of the child. They are just so popular. Thank you for your creativity.

A very busy gran

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