Monday, 31 October 2011

How to crochet a easy rose flower


Whydiss said...

Is this the flower that was decided over at facebook would be a crochet along project?

crochetinglu said...

Hello bobwilson123!

I was looking for a poncho pattern and ended up watching your videos on youtube and your blog. I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!

Your explanations are great and your items are really beautiful. I just suscribed and will follow you with illusion.

I'm starting a blog which is called

Best regards, and THANK YOU!

bobwilson123 said...

@whydiss, yes it is the flower :)

bobwilson123 said...

@crochettinglu thanks :) I will check out your blog too

Whydiss said...

I did make this flower, then showed it to my 7 year old daughter and haven't seen it since. Next time I will take a photo before showing her. Was a lovely crochet tutorial as always. Thanks

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