Thursday, 26 July 2012

NEW Store with all the latest bobwilson123 Merchandise !!!

NEW Store with all the latest bobwilson123 Merchandise !!!

Click here to get one of these awesome bags
They are great bags and made of a sturdy fabric

Hoodies are great for winter !!

Enjoy a nice hot drink in this bobwilson123 Coffee Mug 

Look great in your bobwilson123 sweater 

I grabbed one of these for summer ! Look great and stay cool in your bobwilson123 T shirt 

Need a drink bottle for the Gym or long walks along the beach
Great light weight bobwilson123 water bottle 

Stay cool this summer in the funky bobwilson123 Tank top 

I have one of these beauties. Great for winter !! Tested right here in Sydney :)

bobwilson123 3.5" Button/Badge 

White or Grey Hooded Sweater 

bobwilson123 logo White T-Shirt

bobwilson123 logo Sigg Water Bottle 0.6L

 bobwilson123 3"x3" Sticker 

bobwilson123 logo Ceramic Travel Mug

bobwilson123 logo Trucker Hat


Laly! said...

This is so awesome!! :) You should sale them, or put in a give away to us fans. :)

Jennifer Greenfield said...

Super Cute! I wish you luck with your products!

autographgirl said...

She does sell them. That is why they are on here.

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