Saturday, 22 December 2012

New Crochet Video Tutorial and Pattern Review - Victorian Step

My beautiful friend Laura from The Crochet Case designed the Victorian Step exclusively for bobwilson123 viewers. I am very excited about this pattern. The Victorian Step is a very versatile pattern because  the patterns are created using ‘multiples of’ you can create an afghan for baby or for a king size bed!

I have created a video tutorial to teach you how to make the Victorian Step and with practice and patience you will complete it in no time at all. The pattern works up fast and the colour changes make it fun to make.

You can make it with a minimum of 2 colours (you could use one but it will not have the same effect) and as you can see form the photo 4 colours look fantastic

The layout of the pattern is very user friendly and with basic pattern reading skills easy to understand. I would recomend this pattern for someone wanting to learn to read a pattern. The novelties of row designs in Bargello Crochet are the pixelated effect of chevrons and the ability to create waves, peaks and valleys of varying heights and widths.

Bargello Crochet looks more complicated than it really is; using only basic stitches allowing the beginner to challenge their new skill or the more experienced to play with something new. Once you have the initial few rows made, the rest is easy-peasy! As soon as you get the hang of the pattern stitch, you won’t even need to look at the pattern.
After the foundation row you will repeat row 2 for the entire pattern 

Laura also has a Ebook (Printed book available February 2013)

You can download a free copy of the pattern in my store

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