Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Dedication, Passion and hard work

People say they want to be like me one day.
All it takes is dedication, passion and lots of hard work. Success does not come over night, more like over 2 years hahahha

-You need to be dedicated to your job, yes its is my full time job that allows me to work from home. You need to put in many hours of hard work, answer emails and questions and not just upload videos

-Passion is very important !!! If you are not passionate and in love with what you do you will not last long and give up easy

- Hard work ..... LOTS OF IT - hundreds of emails and questions everyday, self promotion, creating new tutorials, editing and uploading

Believe in yourself - For me this took time, I new i was good at crochet, but was i good at teaching others? I knew people were telling me everyday via comments. but "I" had to believe it and it wasn't until someone asked me one day (only 12 months ago) 'what do you do for a job?' I replied 'I teach crochet online'.. I got the weirdest look and then didn't tell anyone for a while hahaha
But then I thought , No I do teach people how to crochet and that is my job :) I love it and I want to tell the world about it. So now I hold my head high and I am so proud and LOVE EVERY SECOND of my job
Is it a job if you love it so much ??

Clare xx

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Tanya Parks said...

So very true I created a site of all I made! Tin Tin's Wool Creation please feel free to visit!! sure love your work!!

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