Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Our Yarn Exhibiton at Trainworks

FOr the last 6 month the Crochet and Knitting group that I am the President of have been working very hard on completeing a yarn exhibition to be held at our local steam train museum. Stram trains and yarn dont mix I hear you say ! We were approched by the museum to create items that told the storys of the trains and also to add a bit of 'colour and fun' to the stuffy olf museum  - their words not mine
Please enjoy some of the photos taken on the day there were over 100 great pics taken on the day
HUGE thank you to my ladies that were involved in helping, sewing, crochet and knitting

My beautifull ladies that helped out on the day
There are ladies that couldnt make it that also helped with the crochet and knitting :)

Buffer covers made by Tania

Birds made by Win and catapillar made by Robin

Buffer covers made by Tania
up close they look like eyes and they even have eyelashes

Lady bug made by Tania

Eileen helping with the construction of the vines

Spders made by Tania

Criochet frothy beer by Bronwyn

Toast by Peggy
Sugar cubes by Bronwyn

Sald was a group effort

Getting organised

The Jail van has a maniquin so he got handcuffs made by Dawn and Cup of coffee made by Tania
ham sandwich and a banana

busy busy

Maggie and Michelle doing what they do best .. laughing !

Group effort on the fruit

It looks so real !

cupcakes anyone ?
Made by Katie and plate made by Robin
Plate trim added with wire by Clare (thats me )

One slice or 2 ?
Cake made by Ruby and biscuits made by Eileen
Placte amde by Tania and trimmed by Clare (thats me )

Dawn made this FAB Tartan scarf and was over 3 meters long

Stand around long enough and they will decorate you too :)

I made the tiara ! This train makes this 50cm x50cm tiara look so small :)

having fun at the opening cutting the YARN !






Maggie 84years young might I add and the cheekiest one of all :)


Eileen- made over 100 leaves for the vines !!! And more !


Clare (me) Presidentay !

Bronwyn - Vice presidentay

Not sure what happened here

But it sure was funny !

Mmmmm bacon and eggs !!
Made by Robin
They cooked them on the shovel over the fire from the engine

Items made by Robin, Bronwhy, Tania, Win

Michelle installing the birds nest

Win made the birds and the nest :)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Crochet Bow written pattern and video tutorial

Crochet Bow

Free video tutorial and free written pattern 

Crochet Bag Bag video tutorial and written pattern

A Bag Bag - Bag Holder-This bag is for holding all of your grocery store plastic bags for storage and reuse! 
Designed by Clare Sullivan 
Converted into written format by Daisy

Video Tutorial and free written pattern 

Granny Square Sttich Baby Poncho - Free written pattern and video tutorial

Granny Square Stitch Baby Poncho
Designed by bobwilson123
Converted to written pattern by Daisy

Video tutorial and free written pattern can e found on my website 

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