Thursday, 26 July 2012

NEW Store with all the latest bobwilson123 Merchandise !!!

NEW Store with all the latest bobwilson123 Merchandise !!!

Click here to get one of these awesome bags
They are great bags and made of a sturdy fabric

Hoodies are great for winter !!

Enjoy a nice hot drink in this bobwilson123 Coffee Mug 

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Need a drink bottle for the Gym or long walks along the beach
Great light weight bobwilson123 water bottle 

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I have one of these beauties. Great for winter !! Tested right here in Sydney :)

bobwilson123 3.5" Button/Badge 

White or Grey Hooded Sweater 

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bobwilson123 logo Ceramic Travel Mug

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My FAB-U-LOUS photos !

I need some professional photos of myself to promote bobwilson123
So here is a sneak peek !
I approached That's Life Magazine here in Australia to see if I could share my story with their readers
and when they said YES I nearly did a back flip ! I am so excited to be in my first magazine and hopefully its not the last :)
I love to share my knowledge of Crochet with the world via YouTube 
I would have not imagined in a squillion years that I would be teaching 1 person let alone have thousands of people tune in each week 
I would like to give a warm heart felt thank you to each and every person that has helped me continue on this amazing Crochet journey 

Photography by Hourglass Photography

Yarn supplied by Morris and Sons 

Hook supplied by Cassi is Crafty on Facebook

Crochet Cross stitch hat tutorial

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