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Easy Scarf with flower - Written Pattern and Video Tutorial

Easy Scarf with flower
Designed by bobwilson123
Converted into written format by Daisy



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4mm hook DK/8ply yarn or yarn of your choice and recommended hook
Darning needle

US Terms
Ch - Chain
DC - Double crochet
St(s) - Stitches
Hk - hook
You can make your scarf long or short.  See above photos on how you can wear your finished scarf.

I have many flower tutorials on my blog or you could try this Ruffled Flower done by Amanda Cari, here’s her tutorial on her flower,   I’ve made my one the size of my hand but you can choose how big  or small you wish your flower to be.  You can use any of your favorite flower pattern  Or this is a nice free rosette pattern at this link,

I’ve made my scarf about 2 inch / 5 cms wide and 78 inch/ 200 cms long, which wraps around my neck about three or four times.. But you can make yours as wide and long or short as you like.

make a chain as wide  as you want your scarf,  but for demonstration I’m doing as follows.

Row 1: Make a slip knot and ch8,  dc into the 4th ch from hook and dc the remaining chs.  Turn

Row 2: ch3,   Dc in each st to the last st, remembering to dc into the chain 3 from the row below

Repeat Row 2 until you have your desired length for your scarf.
FO and weave in your yarn ends.

Optional:  You can make a fringe each end of scarf.  Cut strips of yarn the desired length.  Level each end and attach each strip by inserting your crochet hook under two loops of top of edge and looping your strand of yarn around the hook and pulling through,  yarning over the two strands and pulling through the loop.  Pull up tight and your first fringe is now done.  Make all the others the same way.

Attach your flower
Make your desired flower.
Make tab/band the same as the dc scarf.  My one is 6sts across.  I did 4 rows but it all depends on your yarn and how bulky it is to the width and length of your tab.

You need to make it slightly shorter than the width of your scarf or the flower might fall off.  Sow one end to the back of your flower.  Then lay your scarf under it and see if it’s the right length.  If it is then sow the other end on the edge of the bottom of the flower.

Now it’s good to go and wear it.

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