Thursday, 23 February 2012

Solid Triangle Shawl - Written pattern and video tutorial

Solid Triangle Shawl
Designed by bobwilson123
Converted into written format by Daisy
The Photo below has addeded detail with the blocks that isnt included in the pattern or video. The was Olgaa's fantastic addition
HUGE thankyou to Olgaa for letting my use her FAB-U-LOUS photo :)



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A BIG Thank you to Wendy for allowing my to have them on her website

 Note: You can use any yarn you like, make sure you use the recommended hook
8ply/DK yarn
4mm Crochet Hook
Scissors and darning needle

US Terms
Ch - Chain
DC - Double Crochet
St(s) - Stitch(s)

Make a slip knot.  Ch4, 2dc in 4th ch from hook.
  (3dc sts)  Ch3, turn

Row 1: 2dc in same st as ch3, 1dc in next st, 3dc in last st.  Ch3 turn.
(7dc sts)

Row 2: 2dc in same st as ch3, 1dc in next 5 sts, 3dc in last st.  Ch3 turn.  (11dc sts)

Row 3: 2dc in same st as ch3, 1dc in next 9 sts, 3dc in last st.  Ch3 turn.
( 15dc sts)

Row 3: 2dc in same st as ch3, 1dc in next 13 sts, 3dc in last st.  Ch3 turn.
(19dc sts)

Carry on increasing 3dc each end and 1dc in between until you reach your desire size. 
When you’ve finished getting to the size you wish, fasten off yarn and sew in yarn tails.  You can also add a fringe border.


Taking the color of your choice, either the same color you used for the shawl or a completely different color and your crochet hook you used.

Insert your hook into the bottom 2sts when you started your shawl.  Pull yarn through and secure with a slip stitch

Start by working your single crochet on the top edges.  You have to decide where to put the sts and sometimes it might curl up and that means you’ve not added enough single crochet stitches, which might make it a bit tight.  It needs to look flat when laid down.  Don’t work into the gaps or you’ll end up with a gapping whole.  Work single crochet to the end.

When you reach top row edge, work 3sc in corner st, which will make it go around the corner, otherwise it will curl up.  1sc each st of top of last row.  Into last corner stitch, work 3sc. 

Work the other side down like you work it up the same.  When you get to the last st which would the beginning, slip stitch into first stitch and fasten off.  Sew in ends.

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