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How to crochet a Credit Card Purse - Written pattern and Video tutorial

How to crochet a Credit Card Purse - Easy


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By: Bobwilson123
Converted into written format by Lebiya, Unbeadable Designs -

 Notes: I made this pattern using 2x 8ply/Double Knit/Sports weight strands of yarn held together. You can substitute this with 1 strand of worsted weight yarn. This is a easy pattern and can be adjusted to fit different items

8ply/Double Knit/Sports weight Yarn OR you can substitute this with worsted weight yarn
Crochet Hook - 6.0 mm 
Credit card
Yarn Needle
Sewing Needle

With 2 strands of yarn held together, Chain 10
R1: Ch 2, HDC in the 3rd ch from the hook, HDC 9 sts across
R2: Ch 2, turn, 9 HDC across
R3: Ch 2, turn, 9 HDC across
R4-R26: Same as R3
R27: Ch 1, draw a long strand, cut.

Fold over 6 Rows. Sew both sides down with yarn needle and same color yarn (or crochet together). Weave in ends and cut.
Do the same for the other side.
Fold both sides together.
At the top of one flap, on the outside in the middle, slip stitch (ss), Ch ~7 (fit to your button), ss in same stitch, ch 1, cut and weave in ends. Attach button on other side at the top of the flap.

Follow along with the video:

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