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Cowl Crochet Tutorial - Granny on the Straight - Variation 4

Crochet Cowl/Neck Warmer - Granny on the Straight
Designed By Bobwilson123
Converted into written format by Daisy

Thank you Melinda for the awesome photo

You will need:
4mm/G crochet hook
Optional 3.5mm/E crochet hook if you want the rows around the face to be a little tighter
200-300gms (depending on size required) of 8ply/DK yarn
Darning needle to sow ends up

US Terms
Ch - Chain
DC - Double Crochet
SK - Skip
SP - Space
RP - Repeat
ST - St
SL ST - Slip Stitch
Rnd - Round
FO - Fasten off.

Using a multiply of 4 (this means chain 4, chain another 4, chain another 4 and so on) Make a long ch, it needs to go around your head and resting on your shoulders, if you wish it to be tighter around your head make length a bit shorter but keep in mind it has to go over your head, so don’t make it too tight. See image below

If you only wish it for a neck warmer, then you need to put the chain around your neck to gauge how long you want it. Don’t forget to make it loose enough so you can get it on and off. See image below

Rnd 1: Make your desired chain length, 3dc in 4th ch from the hook.  *ch1, sk 3chs, 3dc in next ch*, rep from *to*, across row to the last 3chs and don’t work 3dc shell.  Ch1, but don’t turn. 

Rnd 2: Unravel your strip of shells all facing the right way, making sure they are not twisted. Sl st to top of 1st ch3, You will need to
sew the tail that we left long at the start to the 3chs that we just left un-worked by sowing to the bottom edge. (This will give the illusion that it is continuous, but we cheated hahaha) See image below

Sl st into the next 2 dc’s, then into ch1 sp, ch3, 2dc in ch1 sp, *ch1, 3dc in next ch1 sp,*  rep from *to* end of row, ch1, sl st into the beginning ch 3, making sure your work is not twisted and facing all the same way. 

Rnd 3: Rep last row until your tube is as long as you want
Try on your Cowl as you go
Row 1 :Turn your beginning row upside down and join yarn to any ch 3 space, ch1, 3sc in ch3 sp, 1sc in next stitch, *3sc in sk ch3, 1sc in next stitch*, rep from *to* until you reach the end, sl st in 1st sc.

Row 2: Next row, ch1, 1sc in each st around, sl st in 1st sc.  You can do as many rows as you like.  FO and weave in your ends.

Top Border End Of Cowl - It’s entirely up to you if you wish to use a smaller hook for this side.  It will make the edging a little tighter but if you want a loose edge then use the same size hook you used to make the main part of the cowl.

Sl st in any ch1 sp, ch1, 1sc, 1sc into each of the dc’s, *1sc, 1sc into each of the dc’s* rep from *to* the end, sl st in 1st sc st. 

Repeat the above row another two or three rows or how many you wish.  Fasten off and weave in you ends.  Now you have a nice warm Cowl. Enjoy !

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