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Crochet Stretchy Headband - Free written pattern and video tutorial

Crochet Stretchy Headband Pattern
Designed by : bobwilson123
Converted into written format by Cassiopia



1- Go to the FREE DOWNLOADS bobwilson123 folder that is located on the left hand side and find the pattern you want.
2-Click add to cart. When you have all the patterns you want to download, click checkout. You will have to sign up to the website, but you only have to do this once.
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A BIG Thank you to Wendy for allowing my to have them on her website

Yarn of your choice and hook recommended for the yarn
I used 8ply/DK/Sports weight and a 4mm/G hook
Sewing needle
Hair elastic

dc= double crochet
inc= 2 dc in same stitch
sl st = slip stitch
ch= chain
yo = yarn over
dec: 2dctog

Note: Make your slip knot as you normally would to start a project.
Insert hook into centre of hair tie and sl st yarn around it to attach it, ch3 (this counts as your first dc)
Do as many dc's as you like to make the headband as wide as you desire then stop or you can start with 10dc then increase every stitch on the next row until desired width

Row 1: dc10 into centre of hair elastic, ch3, turn
Row 2: Inc in every stitch across, ch3, turn
Row 3: *1 dc into every stitch across* repeat asterisks section until headband is the desired length, see note below, ch3, turn.
NB: Remember not to make it too long because the elastic hair band allows for a lot of stretch, and the stitches themselves will have a little give in them also
Row 4: Dec in each stitch along
Row 5: dc final row and incorporate other end of the hair elastic by yo, go into stitch & pull back to right side, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook, go into centre of hair elastic, yo, pull through final 2 loops on hook . Continue until you complete row. Ch1 at end, finish off as usual and sew in ends for a clean finish



Catarina said...

Hi :)

I love your patterns, so I would love to be your tester :)

Catarina Appelgren

Catarina said...

Hi :)

I love your patterns, so I would love to be your tester :)

Catarina Appelgren

kathy said...

i would love to do the Hoodeanie for you!
Kathy :)

Anonymous said...

I will test the Leg Warmers in Ribbed Stitch for you! :)
La Lammers

Unknown said...

Claire, I have made 3 of the patterns already the Dahlia, Chrysanthemum and Neck warmer, Do you need testers for the written format? I'm a bit confused.

Blessed Mamaw said...

Hi Clare
I am leaving this comment for Kiara. I saw it on my Facebook page and was telling her about it. Because of her age, she does not have her own FB account. Kiara, would LOVE to be a tester for you. Not sure what you have that needs tested. She would be interested if possible to test something along the line of the CHRYSANTHEMUM.
If you can consider her for a tester let me us know. You have our emails

Unknown said...

Please consider me as one of your testers. I'm new to working from a written pattern, so that may tell you how easy the patterns are understood by beginners as well as seasoned crocheters. I'd like to try out the neck warmer. :D

Madison said...

id love to test one of your patterns! =)

Wooly Annimals said...

Hi Clare,

i want to test your Hoodeanie and the legwarmers. Is it ok?

Lovely greetings
Annika Schade (FB)

Nancy said...

I have already made the Dahlia and Chrysanthemum patterns. I will send you pics and some input on the patterns in the am. I am going to make the Neckwarmer Beanie, too. The pattern intrigues me. Great idea!

Jennieree said...

i would like to test your hoodeanie and some of your flowers :) the first flower would be an awesome face scrubby :D

Jennieree said...

I would love to test your hoodeanie pattern and some of your flowers :) i think your Chrysanthemum pattern would make an awesome face scrubbie! :)

She Thought She Could, So She Did said...

Hi Clare, would love to test your Cast off Crew hat..Hubby wants it..

Notthecoolmom said...

I would love to test cast off crew cap and maybe others, not sure if I leave the comment here or on FB.

Free Crochet Hats for Cancer Patients said...

Hey Claire! If you don't have testers let me know I'm always willing to help out with anything! I'm working on a crew. so we are here for you if you need it!! or thanks you!!

Justkat said...

I posted a picture of your pattern that I tested on Facebook.It was quick and easy. Super easy to follow. I really like the last row when you joined the hairband to the rest of the work. (BTW I'm Katrina Goldbaum on Facebook)

Morley said...

i would love to do the Hoodeanie for you! Kathy :)

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