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Crochet Neckwarmer and Beanie all in one Free Written Pattern and Video Tutorial

Neck warmer/ Beanie

Design by:  bobwilson123
Converted into written form by Dorian
Video Tutorial - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSAFNJHxbhI


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A BIG Thank you to Wendy for allowing my to have them on her website

Materials used:   
2 strands of 8ply/Double Knit yarn for thickness and 4mm crochet hook
OR 1 stand of worsted weight yarn and a 5.00mm hook
 Tapestry needle

Abbreviations:     ch = chain;   hdc = half double crochet;   sc = single crochet

Notes:  1) You could use a sc instead of hdc for this pattern.  2) The project may curl up in the beginning, but should flatten out as more rows are added. 3) Working through the back loops will create a ribbed effect.

a)      Make a chain that will measure from the crown of your head down the side (to where you want the beanie to end).  Add about 2 extra inches to the chain to create the cuff.
b)      Row 1:  hdc in 2nd ch from hook.  Put a hdc in each remaining ch. Ch 2, turn.
c)      Row 2:  hdc into the back loop of the 2nd stitch. Repeat this in the back loop of each stitch across the row. The last hdc goes in the ch from the previous row.  Ch 2, turn.
d)      Repeat Row 2 until the piece is long enough to wrap around your head.  Fasten off leaving about a 12in tail.
e)      Fold the piece, lining up the first & last rows.  Using a tapestry needle & the 12in tail, sew through the back loops of the front piece & both loops of the back piece. Continue sewing across each stitch until the end of the row.  Weave in the ends.
f)       Fold up the cuff.
g)      Tie for top of beanie:  make a chain about 2ft long (about 60cm). Fasten off or leave it
until you’re sure of the length.  You could also make an icord – instructions below.
h)      Weave chain in/out of stitches all around the top of beanie using a crochet hook.
i)        Take 2 ends of tie & pull to gather top of beanie. Tie how you’d like & weave in the ends.
j)        Untie the top to slide down & wear as a neck warmer.

Icord instructions:
a)      Ch 3, go into 2nd ch from hook, pull up loop, go into 3rd ch, pull up loop.
b)      Remove 1st two loops from hook and hold them.
c)      Ch 1, put next loop you’re holding back on hook, ch 1, put last loop you’re holding back on hook, ch 1.  You should end up with 3 loops on your hook. 
d)      Repeat steps b & c until you reach the desired length.
e)      Yarn over and pull through all 3 loops to fasten off.  Weave in ends.
     Tip:  to tighten the icord, pull up on 2nd loop on hook and then pull 3rd loop as you work.

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