Friday, 27 January 2012

Free crochet pattern and video tutorial for the Granny on the straight

Scarf Crochet Tutorial - Granny on the Straight - Variation 1
Created by bobwilson123
Converted into written format by Tammy


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A BIG Thank you to Wendy for allowing my to have them on her website

Skill level: Beginner+
Stitch abbreviations used in this pattern:
CH – Chain
DC – Double crochet
ST - Stitch
You can use any yarn with the recomended hook
I used 8ply/DK/Sports Weight and a 4mm/G hook
Yarn needle
To change colors during your project, you do so on the last stitch of your previous row worked.
Do so by completing the first part of your stitch.
Follow here:
To change to another color yarn on last stitch, Yarn over, insert hook into space, yarn over, pull through, yarn over and pull through 2 loops. Now loop the new color yarn over your hook and pull through remaining 2 loops on your hook.
Drop previous color used in back of work along with tail of new color yarn and continue on with your pattern. Make sure to pull on your ends a little to secure your work. Remember to weave in your ends, either when all done or you can work over the tails of yarn as soon as you change colors to avoid doing it all later.
Chain multiple:  4
To start, chain in multiples of 4 until you reach your desired width.
Row 1:  DC into 4th chain from the hook. DC again in the same st. CH-1, skip 3 chains,  3DC in next chain, *(CH-1, skip 3 chains, 3DC in next chain)* Repeat from * to * ending with 3DC in last chain space.
Row 2:  CH 4 (counts as 1st DC and CH-1), turn work. 3DC into next chain space, CH-1, *(3DC into chain space, CH-1)* Repeat from * to * ending with 1DC into very last stitch (top of ch-3 from previous row)
**Note: When you START a row with 1DC you END the row with 1DC.  Same if you START a row with 3DC you END with 3DC. (Chain 4 is 1 dc + ch)
Row 3: CH 3, work 2DC into chain space, CH-1, *(3DC into chain space, CH-1)*  Repeat from * to * across, ending with 3DC. (To give a nice edge, work 2DC into space and 3rd DC into top of CH-3 from previous row)
Alternate between Row 2 & 3 until you reach the desired length of your scarf.


Anonymous said...

I have a question in row three when you do 3 DC in the stitch and chain 1 do you skip a stitch after or no?

Anonymous said...

I have a question in row three when you do 3 DC in the stitch and chain 1 do you skip a stitch after or no?

bobwilson123 said...

You are working the 3 dc into each chain 1 space

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